Kelly Sigmund-Brocki, IIDA - [Interior Designer]

Kelly’s nearly 10 year career as a commercial interior designer has been critical in the creation of The Brocki Group.  The daughter of a residential home builder in Pittsburgh, from an early age Kelly showed in interest in following in her father’s footsteps. She went on to study Interior Design and immediately following graduation she moved to Washington DC to begin her career at a large commercial architectural and engineering firm.  One year later she was introduced to ‘the new guy’ Kelly in the engineering department – the rest is history. 

For the past five years, Kelly has worked at one of top architectural firms in Washington DC.  As award winning senior designer, Kelly brings years of expertise to The Brocki Group.  Her passion for interior design, architecture as well as marketing has built a unique brand for The Brocki Group.  In addition to the company’s brand, Kelly overlays her design expertise at all levels – from home staging to full service large scale home renovations.

In her free time, Kelly enjoys traveling, spinning and discovering new adventures with her husband, Kelly.  Kelly’s interests include wedding and floral design, cooking and wine.